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Why I spoke up against the Scott Paper company

Posted by George Washington Hunt On 8:56 PM
Jim: Your excellent book brought back memories of when I was fired by Scott Paper for bringing out the polluting characteristics of Scott Papers's endeavors at a vice-presidents' meeting to observe and question "Scott's future executive material". We were bombarded with Kimberley-Clark, P &G and private label products and I suggested that we go to market informing that Scott cared for the environment, etc. "Like the girl scouts, George?" the angry marketing VP hissed. "Well, sort of, I guess," I remember saying. "Pack out what you pack in. That sort of thing." "Well the name of the game in Scott Paper is profits and dividends. Do I make myself clear?", he retorted. "Yes, sir.", I responded and that was it. When I returned to division headquarters in Boston, my manager said that I had offended too many people with my question. ."The whole paper company is buzzing with your QUESTION! Your career is blocked because you offended the executives"." Happy ending. I got a great job, moved my family to Boulder. Happy as a clam.

Scott was in stages 1,2 and 3 when I left and we know the rest. "Chainsaw" fired VP's and executives left and right. The company became a victim of Philadelphians' protest against Scott's polluting policies, Their executive VP "Junior" (McCabe's son--sales people hated him for some reason) died in a horrible household fire and the company just came unglued with various disappointing events. I still respect the company's products and many effective people I worked with. In my loneliness I went it on my own and eventually became a multi-millionaire. Interestingly, I went to stage 4 with my own corporation before I sold to a good bidder. I also learned that entrepreneurs do have a problem with management. I became rather bored with the whole thing after I got it off the ground.

Getting fired allowed me to bring my wife and family of three boys to mountain living in Boulder. Goodbye, East Coast.

You wrote a great book and I'll follow you along your way to successful teaching. By the way, take a look at my DVD's about the banking system at "UNCED" or Business has some very unfriendly competition coming their way, as you will see.

Sincerely Yours, George "Buzz" Hunt

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