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Was Haiti an HAARP conspiracy?

Posted by George Washington Hunt On 5:32 PM

Dear Friends:
I have been asked if Haiti was a HAARP conspiracy. Actually,
the idea occurred to me too, but its's only an idea that needs serious
research.. My idea was conceived because it concurs with the new
world order's goal to rid the planet of the "lesser races" and reduce
population by two billion people. I like the so-called "lesser
races". They' seem to be more real and free and lovable and friendly
than the many of the aristocrats I know.
Unfortunately, Cecil Rhodes who allegedly loved sex with little
boys and for whom the country of Rhodesia was named, is the financial
creator of the CFR and the Bristish Roundtable. He had the gall to
call others "the lesser races" while he was, perhaps, "doing his own
thing with the lesser races". His money and mental deterioration was
a spark behind the "generous,humanitarian immunizations" the World
Health Organization (WHO) under Gro Harlen Brundtland's command, sto
reduce Africa's population.
In the meantime, HAARP must be diligently and unemotionally
studied for the possibility it was purposely used to devastate Haiti.
At this point, it was "just another earthquake".

Sincerely, George

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