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The Stolen Kennedy Bonds: Whodunit?

Posted by George Washington Hunt On 11:48 AM
President John F. Kennedy issued U.S. Silver certificates backed
by silver, not Federal Reserve paper, on June 4, 1963, bypassing the
Federal Reserve to re-establish our own money system.
This brave
President stripped the Federal Reserve bankers (the Rothschilds) of
their power to loan money to the U.S. government at interest. The
historic Executive Order 11,110 to saThe Stolen Kennedy Bonds - Whodunitve America from the cabal of the
international bankers still remains in existence, but no president
since President Kennedy has had the courage to say “No” to the Federal
Reserve cabal.

President Kennedy issued $4.3 Billion into our currency flow.
The currency liability was backed by silver and supported by laegal
assets of ten $1 Billion “Kennedy Bonds” plus “any silver bullion,
silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury”. President
Kennedy began replacing the $1's, $5's and $10's of worthless Federal
Reserve notes with a hard currency backed by silver. Unfortunately,
the Rothschild cabal had him murdered in Dallas before $20's were

On June 8, 2009 the ten “Kennedy Bearer Bonds” worth $1 Billion
each appeared in the luggage of two Japanese travelers intercepted at
the Italian-Switzerland border. Ten Billion dollars in Kennedy Bonds
plus 249 bonds and notes worth $124 Billion were stuffed in their
suitcases. These bonds and notes could only have disappeared from the
U.S. Treasury by authority of Secretary Timothy Franz Geithner
(“gaitner”). Previously the President of the New York Federal Reserve
Bank, the key bank of the Federal Reserve, he conspired with the Fed
to get the bonds out of the treasury and sell them for 40 to 60 cents
on the dollar with assistance from the Vatican Bank and Banco
Ambrosiano of Italy. Both banks have larcenous pasts.

Timothy Geithner, our “trusted treasury servant” has a larcenous
past as well. After working under Henry Kissinger for three years he
eventually ascended to Under Secretary of the Treasury for
International Affairs under Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers, his
mentors and proteges. He ascended next to the Presidency of the Fed
of New York His history includes the decision not to rescue Lehman
Brothers from bankruptcy though he had knowledge that Lehman Brothers
sent $400 million of their shareholders' capital to three Israeli
banks, causing the Lehman collapse. Many experts believe that his
failure to act caused the Sepatember 2008 tumble of our financial
systems. He never disclosed his insider information to the public.

Timothy Geithner has been caught cheating on his income taxes
too. Geithner's tax crimes cost him many thousands of back-taxes.
He paid $15,000 in interest and penalties in 2006 alone! He called
his crimes “careless” “avoidable” and “unintentional”. This is sthe
same person who stole the $134 Billion from the Treasury and sent it
to Italy. See what kind of morals and ethics guiide our government?

The bonds were delivered to the Italian underground P-2 Masonic
Lodge (“Propaganda Due”) which attempted to sell the bonds to
syndicate banks who needed to beef up their balance sheet capital
sections. The Italian newspapers noted that P-2 failed to sell them.
The underground syndicate then arranged for the bonds to be purposely
intercepted by the Italian currency authorities so that Italy could
at least get their 40 percent “fine income” from the bonds. The fine
amounts to over $50 Billion in income to Italy at the expense of the
U.S. Treasury. Geithner is a thief!
Signed, George W. Hunt

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