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Facebook Is Corrupt and Dishonest

Posted by George Washington Hunt On 3:59 PM

Hello, my name is George Hunt. This is Part I of a two-part expose of Facebook Corporation. For forty years I have studied the European international banking elite, those bankers who seem to have no respect for society. They have destroyed America and every citizen of the world feels their wrath and hate. These filthy-rich elite of the world conspiracy have no respect for individual rights nor have they compassionate or concern for world citizens. This elite, criminal, society of filthy rich Jews who are not Jews has created wars, assassinations and wholesale destruction of societies, including the United States. The ancestry of these Jews can be traced back to Herod the Great and Esau of the Old and New Testaments. Now for the really bad news: They have hatched an evil, perhaps demonic, plan to put every citizen, every one of us, under their complete, constant control through Facebook. Founded by a sly liar, it is now perpetuated by the European banking elite.

Every piece of information we text or email is stored in Facebook's memories. If someone wants to defame you or use your texts and emails to condemn you somehow, the parties can request that Facebook Corporation provide a record of your private life; every word you have written, as court's evidence. Court prosecutors are already using cell phone histories against the defendant. The social sites have all of our information stored somewhere, we can easily see how this information could be used to our demise and destruction. Count on it; someday it will. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, these guarantees of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness will eventually be a thing of the past. Big Brother will someday organize our daily activities and his mentality is being slowly introduced into society by IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg and the rest of the banking elite of the elite. Big Brother will be introduced into our society through Facebook Corporation. I'll now try to show, almost prove, why I have singled out Facebook Corporation as an evil-inspired social site owned by the Rothschild dynasty and the evil international banking elite Wikipedia's exhaustive 20-page report on Facebook indicates that the founders of Facebook are actually the “sociopathic elite” , persons who have little or no social concience. Facebook Corporation's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has been sued more than once for his disdain for personal rights and breaking the patent and copyright laws which protected other parties. Harvard University dropped a case against Facebook for invading the private lives of Harvard's student body. They handled it internally. Next, Zuckerberg was sued by a software company who had hired him to help them. He stole their source code and installed it in his Facebook system. Facebook lost the case and had to pay $65 million in restitution for stealing their source code.

Now Facebook and Zuckerberg are probably going to lose a pending securities fraud case. Psychiatrists might label the Facebook organization as sociopathic, starting with Zuckerberg. How ironic that a person who has little regard for society's privacy would be the inventor and CEO of a vast social networking site, a group that has regularly shown that they seem to have regard for others and have little or no regard for the laws and manners of society,
Remember when President Obama warned us in 2008 to not put anything personal on Facebook—or, I suppose, any other social networking sites for that matter. Every item one puts into Facebook is a permanent, obtainable, record that Facebook owns..Our chats are stored away somewhere in the system and can be retrieved at Facebook's will at the speed of light.. Now add the fact that the international banking elite now own and control Facebook. The evil society of money-lenders and destroyers of contemporary civilization are the filthy-rich overworld, the highest elite of all societies, the sociopaths who sell their souls to gain the whole world. I'll tell you their names in Part II of this two-part presentation: Here's a hint: Do Goldman Sachs. PayPal, Microsoft, the Rothschilds, Warburg, Bank Leumi of Israel, et cetera ring a danger-bell in your fight of flight mechanisms? Thank you for listening thus-far; and now we'll turn to Part II: Who owns and does deals with the Facebook Corporation?

Signed, George W Hunt

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