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Who Owns and Controls Facebook Corporation?

Posted by George Washington Hunt On 4:03 PM

Hello, my name is George Hunt. This is Part II of a two-part expose of Facebook Corporation.In Part I, I stated how ironic it seems to me that Mark Zuckerberg, a liar according to witnesses and the law, should be the CEO of a social site!. I also introduced the possibility that Facebook Corporation's intentions are to establish themselves as the Big Brother of communications, finance and social control. Facebook's central office location is not in Silicon Valley, California. Facebook's actual home is in the secret offices of Goldman Sachs of London. Facebook is actually controlled by the Rothschilds and Goldman Sachs is their venture capital collection center for Facebook's billions of venture capital funds. The venture capitalist insiders will make a fortune when Facebook goes public in late 2011 or early 2012.

Big Brother, or should I say, the Facebook Corporation, collects our information on a daily we chat with others. The fine-tuned paranoid software from PayPal and Microsoft plus the stolen source code that Zuckerberg stole from trusting clients cost Facebook $65 million in damages, PayPal owner, Peter Thiel, has injected his expertise and a little money into Facebook. His three percent share was recently valued at $1.5 billion or so. The true value may be half that because I Facebook uses hyped-up false . information. Microsoft Corporation owns 1.9 percent share, but watch out, future Facebook shareholders--Microsoft also has a side-contract within the Facebook system wherein Microsoft will share profits 50-50 of Facebook's bannner advertising net profits, a great source of future income. Clever partnerships within Corporations can be used to cheat the public shareholders by using clever accounting techniques to divert profits and dividends away from the public shareholders into Microsoft's coffers. We'll never be able to unravel their lies as they play their game against their public shareholders. They can create artificially-high and low profits and dividends by steath... Don't forget that I helped create corporations and I know what evils a corporation can do.

Facebook is presently linking with huge Asian sites like Aliababa and Russia's DST. Alibaba is a large business-to-business world internet system based in China. Their systems will allow Facebook to arrange shipments just as Alibaba does, eventually damaging the important wholesaler function. What terrible consequences await business when Facebook gets a hold on it. Facebook, in return, will treat them to their sociopathic human control management systems. Large Russian, Indian and Asian networks are joining Facebook in January and February 2011. Mark Zuckerman's traveling shows in Asia will suck others into the Facebook dream. The Rothschild's accountants and lawyers of Goldman Sachs Bank of London, will lock up the contracts. The new joiners may not even know what Rothschild is really up to, which is, in my opinion based on knowledge and research, particularly from the Wikipedia's excellent 20-page report on Facebook's past, Complete Civililian Control.

PayPal and Microsoft technology constantly flow into Facebook's software arsenal. Every government entity, every business enterprise, every person's activities, will become Facebook's core of information. The owners of Facebook are powerful hitters in the world of cybertechnology. President Obama warned Americans in 2008, “Don't put anything personal in Facebook”. He knew what he was talking about. Beware of all social networking sites as.they'll all collected into one site someday.

Facebook Corporation is basically owned by the same false-Jewish, half-Jewish Rothschild bankers who own the Federal Reserve of the U.S. These filthy-rich false-Jews own Facebook under anonymous street names like Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Bank Leumi of Tel Aviv and other street-names. Their goals are to make Facebook Corporation the telescreen featuared in the novel by George Orwell called “1984”, and lock humanity into a net of lies complete with false statistics and bank records, false accusations, and requqired daily routines prescribed for them at their whim. I have studied these devil-worshipping families since 1971. They are undoing the Bible, reinstating the Tower of Babel, restoring one languaage through Facebook, and creating a World Thought Police. Let's review: Look at Facebook's founders and investsors. Psychopaths anti-social to the max. Do you care? Europe's bankers are packing billions of dollars into Facebook to swindle the public with their stock offering. A large portion of the initial public offering windfall will go into the pockets of the investors and a portion reinvested to build a solid world-wide telescreen system to erase privacy and insert fear in its stead.

Facebook's venture capitalists, the owners of Facebook, will-- with no ifs, ands or buts--control our daily affairs. Google, Yahoo, large sites like these, will be eventually absorbed into one Facebook system. With sno competition and no standards of social ethics and morality, with no competition from alternate sites, Facebook will become “Like a boot kicking you in the face every day” to borrow a quote from Lenin, the arch-Communist. They'll know everything we do, where we are, our credits and debits in a cashless socirety, what we say to our friends and enemies, social and political group gossip, almost all things. To summarize, Facebook is not a friendly social site. It's nasty character a la Zuckerberg and Rothschild, can and will be like hell on earth when they really get going. Like the Black Plague creeping into society, Facebook's dishonesty, arrogance and disregard for society will, not may-- make life in the world's future societies practically intoloreable.

American investors are excluded by Goldman Sachs of London because the SEC would require them to state the names of the individual investors. These filthy- rich bankers hide their identity and American laws would expose them. My research of who owns Facebook Corporation reveals the names and ownership as you see them on the screen. The Zuckerberg group, the Rothschild groups, Thiel of PayPal and, of course, Microsoft. Other owners like the Warburgs, the Federal Reserve bankers, the bankers of China, South Korea and Paris, own a big hunk but their names, too, are hidden in the vaults of Goldman Sachs of London. IBM, the Rockefeller Family Trusts, the Queen of England and her Lords and Ladies are probably listed among the investors as well. These elite masters probably laugh at society, at us, for not figuring out what they are doing right in front of our eyes. Today, you know—or at least you might have a sneaking suspicion that I may be, perhaps, half-right. Signed, George W Hunt

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