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George Hunt diary on Africa trip III

Posted by George Washington Hunt On 2:58 PM
Hi Folks:
On the way from Estoril, my home base in Lisbon, I was on
the train and checked out my travel stuff. Hey, where is my Passport?
Left it at the hotel in the drawer "so I wouldn't lose it". In the
process of flinging through my luggage on the train, I dropped my
left shoe onto the floor of the train, only to discover the awful
truth when I arrived at my airport hotel in Casablanca. I did
retrieve my passport by getting a return train and paying the price of
walking back to my hotel. There it was, safe and sound. My
disappointment was overcome somewhat when I thought about the maid
finding my right shoe in the trash at the airport hotel this morning.
How would she report this to her manager? "Mon Chef, he left without
his right foot uncovered!" Anyway, that is how I turned a lemon into
a lemonade to ease my mind.and I got a silent chuckle out of it.
Also, it makes my trip lighter all the way through. More room for
presents for my friends!. Darn, I paid ten bucks for those great shoes
at the Salvation Army! They were nice too.
Met a good person named Ali on the flight to Casablanca and we'll
meet again in a few days from now. He's a primo caballero and wants
me to review his business plan to establish a riding academy. I
confessed to him that I was afraid to ride horses. Maybe I will
return as a cabellero. Who knows?
When I meet with him I shall suggest that he encourage the house of
Muhammad IV that he establish a mounted police/parade stable for the
King. I really think he could do it and that might be his grand
prize. Wow! What an idea! Hussein II, his son, would take to it I
think. It gives me goose bumps just to think about it! Really!
We'll talk about it when we get together;
He can prepare his presentation by, perhaps, showing pictures of the
NYPolice handling crowds firmly with horses and pictures of the Queen
of England's horse guards. He'll suggest to his Monarch that horses
might be used to control any assholes who defied the King, etc. And
Ali Al Ahiaeli would run the whole show for the King and train his
King's royal horsemen to appear to the world as perfect horsemen!
I'll send a copy of this letter to Ali so he can visulalize and can
think about it before we get together.
Had a great afternoon moving about the busy streets of Casablanca!
Great city; great country. Sincerely, Buzz
George Hunt

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