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George Hunt North Africa Trip diary

Posted by George Washington Hunt On 3:01 PM

Heloo Everyone!
It is a beautiful Spring day and I have just checked out of my Lisbon hotel, bound for Casablanca this evening to arrive at 2145. Then to an airport hotel overnight and the next day to a hotel I have picked out but did not make reservations with yet to avoid the higher rates which Orbitz and Travelocity, etc, charge for their services. It is 1210 right now and I will take my time walking to the bus stop eventually. This was a great stop for me..the hotel was quite adequate and cost less than $50 per night. I shook my head at all of the people gambling at the Casino across the street, waiting for the payoff that is certainly set up to take their cash and parse out small rewards. Judging from the overhead costs the place certainly has to spend to keep the crowds coming in and the owners very happy, I remarked to the person who greeted people into the posh club how rich the players seemed to be, judging from the late model Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes, etc. parked right at the closest parking spaces. He replied that those cars belonged to the owners of the Casino. Well, we know to where the RenoVegasEstoril casino money eventually flows. I could not figure out why people would push those buttons on their slots until I took my own inventory and realized I do it all the time on the Forex markets. My bets against the British Pound and for the Canadian dollar went squirrelly to save the Japanese Yen two days ago., So one never knows and we just keep pressing the people do in the Casinos. I have some fish delight awaiting me down by the about an hour. Then a clamor free bus trip to the airport where I will read and relax for my plane departure time to arrive. I do not want to rush, rush, rush as it is bad for my constitution I have severely learned a la my blood pressure problems when I get jittery. I hope you are all well. Betsy, would you please call Ausitn to remind him to read this email. I am sure our dogs and cats are fine and they have decided to have a great time while their master is away. My health is very good now after the transition to GMT (that is the time zone here in Lisabon and in Morocco). Take care folks and I will write again in a few days. Buzz

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